Iroshan De Zilva

Iroshan De Zilva

UX Generalist in Sri Lanka, Him/His/He

Open for remote full-time positions.

A month ago


Designing solutions with a human touch. I'm a UX Generalist passionate about utilizing user-centered design principles and psychology to solve people's problems.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
Sri Lanka
  • Improve the end-to-end experience of an EOR platform by conducting usability reviews, identifying UX issues, and proposing design recommendations.
  • Ensure EOR platform-wide consistency through designing a Design system and better documentation for UI elements.
  • Conduct workshops and structure UX research efforts such as Payroll process and onboarding with persona research and service blueprint to make data-driven design decisions.
  • Collaborate with the internal team to redesign the amplifyn website to get a 30% boost in website traffic.
  • I'm a leading designer in the new design system, identifying UX issues and proposing design recommendations for the E-commerce website.
2019 — 2020
Sri Lanka
  • Proposed and designed a new COVID-19 module for the Helakuru super app, boosting 250% user engagement throughout the pandemic period.
  • Identify UX problems and suggest improving the EventsHere platform's overall user experience.
  • Designed customer portal 2.0 of PayHere, increased 40% the speed of data loading for customers, and Payment link creation went up to 32%, Get lower customer support rate below to avg 120% to 70%.
  • Redesign Helekuru web portal boosting 60% daily usage of the web portal.
2019 — 2019



  • How to decide when quantitative research methods are appropriate.
  • How to apply statistical tests to quantitative results.
  • How to select and screen participants for quantitative studies.
  • How to conduct user surveys and understand the results.
  • How to conduct early design testing and understand the results.
  • How to use web and app analytics to understand user behavior.
  • How to conduct A/B and multivariate tests and understand the results.
  • How designers can improve the world
  • How to use human-centered design to solve global challenges
  • Why we evolved from user-centered design to people-centered design
  • Why designers are so special
  • How to democratize design
  • The difference between wicked problems and complex socio-technical systems
  • How to apply human-centered design insights and processes to solve complex global problems
  • How to focus on people when you solve complex global challenges
  • What feedback loops are and why they are so important





This is my UI design suggestion inspired from “Eval is evil.” You shouldn't rely on the hover tooltip to show you what's going on or give you critical information. Distracting, clumsy, hidden, and difficult to use; these best describe Hover.